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We provide personal facial treatments appropriate for your skin condition.Through consultation, The therapist will advise on which course is best to you. As you are the only  guest during your stay at the salon,you can feel comfortable to talk about yout skin problems and  individual needs.

All facial treatment courses include relaxing face, neck, decollete and shoulder massage. The treatment is all done by hands without using machines. This is a fantastic way to relax, as many clients find it to be an extremely effective stress relief as well.

  Price FIrst time price
Standard Facial 60min. ¥9,800 ¥7,500
Hydrating / Calming / Acne / Brightenin / Mental stress
Lift-up / Wrinke care 80min. ¥12,800 ¥9,000
Special mask care 90min. ¥15,800  

Modeling mask (revitalizing) or super collagen sheet mask (hydrating and calming)

Rejunaviating-Direct performance X 100min. ¥15,800  


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