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Relaxation & Beauty Salon
Breathease Aoyama ,Tokyo

Aromatherapy, Deadeye Therapy, Facial Treatments

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Address:  MAP

Relaxation Salon
Breathease Aoyama
1-1-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
MF Aoyama Bldg. 5th floor, 503


Shibuya Sta.
From the East Exit (Miyamasuzaka direction) of JR Shibuya Sta., go up Miyamasuzaka, and then turn left at Aoyama Dori (Route 246) towards Omotesando. On the left hand side, there is a stone shop called "Stone Market". The salon is on the 5th floor of that building with the cloth shop on the first floor. About 8 min. walk from the station.

Omote-sando Sta.
Out of "Aoyama-gakuin" Exit, and then go up the steps at B2. Go straight down Aoyama Dori (Route 246) towards Shibuya. Then go passed the UN University and Aoyama Theatre on the right hand side. Then you will find our salon on the 5th floor of the building which is next to Amy Hall. The first floor of the building, there is a stone shop called "Stone Market"


Relaxation Salon Breathease Aoyama offers a range of facial treatments and body massage in a warm private room with friendly atmosphere. During your stay at the salon, you are the only guest and fully attended to by a skilled therapist.

It is located on Aoyama St. (Route 246) , 8 minute walk from either Shibuya Station or Omotesando Station.

We are proud to offer our clients total peace and tranquility while being treated. Relax to calming music as the therapist provide massage and facial treatments.

 Salon room 

 ★Anti-aging Direct Performance X New!
  120 minutes/ debut campaign price \11,000 (←\15,750)
Begining with a cleansing, exfoliation and lotion mask, through massage and mask treatment, retinol (vitamin A), Vitamin C, and arbution applications are absorbed deeply into the skin, effective over days inside the skin, to fortify and improve elasticity, reduce lines, and counteract the effects of sun damage to create a lasting, youthful radiance. Include face, neck, shoulders and hands care.

★An organic skin care cosmetic present for
   *120/150 min. aromatherapy face & body course (\15,750/18,900)
   *100min.Orcanic face & body (scrub & oil massage) course(\15,750)
The present cosmetics : 250ml body cream, 250ml body oil, or a set of 200ml milk clensing and 230ml body clenser, of ECOCCERT certified organic cosmetic " sacred nature"

Healing massage to balance your body, mind and spirit
with pleasant and sweet fragrance (aroma) of 100% pure essential oils
that are extracted from organic or wild plants.

Through consultation, the best essential oils for your skin and body conditions are selected from 40 oils and blended to use in massage.

Benefits: relaxation /stimulate body circulatory system /nourish organs of the body /improve lymphatic system /eliminate waste products / detoxification

                        Menu and price

body massage

quinessence aromatherapy  
Body massage
    120 min.(incl.head massage)  \14,700
     90 min.              \11,550
     70 min.              \ 9,450
     45 min.              \ 6,825
     40 min.(Trial)          \ 5,000

Facial skincare & massage
        (with neck and shoulder massage)
     60 min.              \ 9,450
     60 min. (Trial)         \ 7,000

Facial and body massage
     150 min.             \18,900
     120 min.             \15,750
      90 min.             \12,600

Body massage for Pregnancy
      70 min.            \ 9,450
      50 min.            \ 7,350
   only for expectants in good health condition ,
   5th month or later period

 * For all body courses, foot bath is included.

Deadsea Therapy
Dead Sea contains 33% minerals, as 10 times much as the other seas. Another feature is that it is a well-balanced mineral constituent, especially high in Magnesium content.

Dead Sea Therapy treatments
use natural Dead Sea Water and Mud to provide your body with necessary minerals through your skin by penetration system of the membrane.

For skin -- moisturize/revitalize cells/deep cleansing (mud)/ anti-acne/recovery from skin fatigue
For body -- improve metabolism / activate ATP (energy) / ease muscle fatigue and strain /eliminate excess water and waste products in body
Dead Sea Theraoy
  Menu and price

Full body  120min. \ 18,900
     ・pack with Dead Sea mud on back and back legs
     ・full body aromatic oil massage

Half body  60min. \ 8,400
     either upper or lower body

Back skin care 70min. \ 9,450
     ・pack and cleanse back with Dead Sea mud
     ・short massage
     ・whitening or moisturizing pack on back

 * For Full body and Upper half body course,
  foot bath is included

Facial Treatments
When visiting the salon, the therapist will analyze your skin condition and advise on which facial treatment is best to you and your individual needs. You will receive a relaxing face, neck and shoulder treatment with every facial treatment. The treatment is all done by hands without the use of a machine. This is a fantastic way to relaxing as many clients find this treatment to be an extremely effective stress relief.
Trial facial     \7,000
   either of aromatic oil or
   Dr.Renaud cosmetics

Aromatherapy facial \9,450

Dr.Renaud Basic Facial \9,450

Lift up (Bio-lifting)  \12,600
              (trial \9,000)

Special Anti-aging    \15,750
 (w/plaster or pure collagen mask)

Body oil massage
        30min.〜  \4,200〜
Back mud pack care \4,200
Head massage     \2,100
  Dr.Renaud cosmetics 

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